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Webinar 35
Data Integration through Data Governance

February 6, 2018

Summary of the Federal Highway Administration’s Quarterly Webinar: Applications of Geospatial Technologies in Transportation

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Extended Description for Figure 4

Figure 4. ODOT’s Five-Year Timeline

detailed image description available at link below
Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
Plan and Design Build Implement
New Agency-wide Approach to Data Governance New Data Governance Framework New Data Governance Plan
  • Hire Chief Data Officer
  • Establish data governance framework
  • Create data governance oversight committee
  • Develop executive level-approved data governance policy
  • Review DoIT’s current organizational structure
  • Review skillsets needed to support the data governance framework
  • Ensure IT strategic plan supports business needs
  • Explore business intelligence capabilities
  • Develop and integrate data warehouse/data lake
  • Standardize data and migrate to new system
  • Incorporate locational component in enterprise data

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