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FHWA Data Resources

  • Binational Transportation Planning and Program Process - A website providing contact information for transportation professionals, highway network reports, and transportation GIS coverages for the U.S. and Mexico. Most files are available in ARC/INFO© interchange (.e00) format, but the U.S. state boundaries are available in ArcView Shape© (.shp) format.
  • Census Transportation Planning Package - Attribute data of special tabulations from the decennial census designed for transportation planners are available on this site in spreadsheet and plain text formats. From the homepage, click on "Data Products" in the left navigation bar.
  • National Bridge Inventory (NBI) - FHWA's NBI offers a wealth of tabular data about bridges across the U.S. From the homepage, click on "Tables of Frequently Requested NBI Information" to locate spreadsheet data.
  • National Highway Planning Network (NHPN) - The NHPN is a database that contains line features representing just over 450,000 miles of current and planned highways in the U.S. The NHPN consists of interstates, principal arterials, and rural minor arterials. Files are available in ARC/INFO© Interchange (.e00) format.

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