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Applications of GIS

State & Local GIS Practices
Transportation professionals have conceived an extensive array of projects in which GIS can be used. This page is a gateway to an index of numerous GIS transportation applications currently being employed across the nation by state and local transportation agencies. You may also submit practices to the database by visiting the report back page.

FHWA GIS Efforts
FHWA has contributed to the advancement of resources and applications available for transportation GIS implementation. The breadth of FHWA's GIS practices ranges from web-based map viewers to extensive data collection, sharing, and analysis. Visit this page to access these FHWA transportation GIS tools.

National Applications
As the popularity of GIS increases, many additional uses of the technology emerge. The National Applications section of the GIS in Transportation website provides information on nationwide notable GIS implementations that may be of interest to transportation, environmental, GIS, and planning professionals alike.

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